MLGdańsk #131 – Legal Document Summarization and AI Explainability

Zapraszamy na spotkanie MLGdańsk – online w poniedziałek, 2022.09.19 o 18:00.

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Legal Document Summarization and AI Explainability

Claudia Schulz, PhD
Thomson Reuters Labs

Opis prelekcji:
„Legal research is a highly manual and time-consuming process. Legal professionals, for example, have to read court cases that are up to 100 pages long, just to identify the most important aspects in order to decide whether their firm should represent the case.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques like information extraction and summarisation thus provide great opportunities to save law firms time. However, applying NLP to legal documents is highly challenging due to the domain-specific terminology and variability in the legal document layout.

In this talk, we show how Thomson Reuters Labs tackles these challenges and present our work on summarising court cases and providing human-understandable explanations thereof.”

Prelekcja w języku angielskim.

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