MLGdańsk #141 – Machine learning in translational oncology research

Zapraszamy na 140. spotkanie grupy MLGdańsk w poniedziałek, 05.06.2023 o godzinie 18.00 CEST / online.

Link do spotkania:

Prelegentami będą: Franciszek Górski i Krzysztof Pastuszak

Temat spotkania:
Machine learning in translational oncology research

Spotkanie w języku angielskim.

The presentations will cover the use of ML in early cancer detection using liquid biopsies and the use of ML in drug combination testing in cancer therapy.

More about the speakers:
Franciszek is a Deep Learning researcher from ETI Faculty of Gdańsk University of Technology whose interests focus on using neural networks and machine learning algorithms in various problems including biometric verification, cancer classification, object detection and more. He is working in Multimedia Systems Department as a researcher and collaborate with Center for Biostatistics and Bioinformatics from Gumed. In addition, Franciszek is also a chairman of Gradient Science Club, which integrates the Deep Learning community on GUT.

Krzysztof is a bioinformatician involved in research on application of machine learning in translational research, with special focus on liquid biopsies in oncology. He is a research assistant at Department of Algorithms and System Modeling, Gdansk University of Technology and a bioinformatician at Department of Translational Oncology and Centre of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Analysis at Medical University of Gdansk. He has been cooperating with team from VUMC Cancer Center Amsterdam since 2019. Besides bioinformatics and machine learning, he is also interested in discrete optimization and graph theory.