MLGdańsk #135 – Transforming Enterprise Data Science with Transformers

Serdecznie zapraszamy na 135. spotkanie MLGdańsk – Poniedziałek, 6 Lutego 2023 o godzinie 18.00 CET.

Jest to pierwsze spotkanie grupy w 2023, zapraszamy do udziału, szczególnie, że tym razem naszymi Gośćmi będą Rajiv Shah i Andre Jardin z HuggingFace!

Spotkanie w języku angielskim. Szczegóły poniżej.

link do spotkania:

Naszymi Gośćmi będą:
Rajiv Shah
Andrew Jardin

Temat spotkania:
“Transforming Enterprise Data Science with Transformers

Rajiv Shah is a leading expert on practical AI. At Hugging Face, his primary focus is on enabling enterprises to succeed with AI. He previously led data science enablement efforts across hundreds of data scientists at DataRobot and has been part of data science teams at Snorkel AI, Caterpillar, and State Farm.
He is a widely recognized speaker on AI, has received many patents, and published research papers in several domains, including sports analytics, deep learning, and interpretability. He received a Ph.D. and a J.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Andrew Jardin is an Account Executive at Hugging Face where he helps enterprise customers understand how to leverage the 🤗 open-source resources to build state-of-the-art ML. Outside of Hugging Face Andrew is the Toronto chapter lead for MLOps.Community and has a background in NLP, MLOps, and engineering.

Opis prelekcji:
Large-scale models drive the most innovative and exciting AI technologies like Alexa, Dalle, and Github’s Copilot.
Rajiv shares how large-scale models are reshaping analytics and how enterprises are unlocking value in new use cases, such as auto-completion, semantic search, and document AI.
The talk will include code snippets for getting started and addressing societal concerns with these models.

Serdecznie zapraszamy – spotkanie otwarte dla wszystkich zainteresowanych!